Maja Schweika

Das bin ich

Instagram: maja_mydream
Facebook: Maja Schweika

  • Date of birth: April 06th, 2010

  • Place of birth: Bielefeld, Germany
Nickname: Majula


  • Top 3 in Germany
  • Final Tennis Europe Lechia Tennis Cup
    Gdansk 2021 U12 (younger generation)
  • Westfalenmeister single win 2021
  • NRW-Meister single win 2021
  • Polish national champion 2020
  • Dutchbowl 2020, TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour
  • Westfalenmeister team competition 2020

Maja Schweika started playing tennis at the age of 4 in a small tennis group in her hometown. Maja´s parents, Hanna – sport scientist – and Michael – osteopath MSc.Ost and sports physiotherapist in professional football, recognized very early that Maja has a lot of discipline in addition to her feeling for movements and for the ball.
Maja´s trainer discovered her mental strength and her tennis talent very early. In order to train professionally as early as possible, Maja has been training at the Breakpoint Base in Halle/Westfalen (Germany) since she was 8 years old. Because Maja is very ambitious, she has moved her center of life to Halle/Westfalen. She goes to high school near the BreakpointBase, so she can train as early as possible.
Maja´s mom is from Poland. That´s why she especially likes the players Angie Kerber and Iga Swiatek.
Sometimes Maja trains for training camps at the Angie Kerber Academy, Puszczykowo, Poland. She also belongs to an elite group of female players there. Maja´s favorite shot is her forehand. She loves to play courageously and with a lot of risk.